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Photo of Stephani Stephenson's DVD Studio Scale Architectural Ceramics produced by Ceramic Arts Daily Presents

Studio-Scale Architectural Ceramics

Posted On April 11, 2012 Comments Off on Studio-Scale Architectural Ceramics

Studio-Scale Architectural Ceramics with Stephani Stephenson

Whether you want to tile a bathroom, add a fireplace
surround, or create a unique garden wall, Stephani’s clear, easy-to-follow
instructions will get you well on the way. You’ll learn everything from
planning and designing to understanding all the nuances required for making
tiles and sculptural features that will make a permanent artistic statement in
your home.


Video of the Week: Tips for Cutting Extruded Trim and Making Corners for Architectural Projects

Posted On October 7, 2011 21 Comments

In today’s video, Stephani gives some great tips on preparing extruded trim for architectural projects. Even if you don’t have an architectural project in your future, you’ll find some of these tips — like how she “sews” pieces together — quite handy in your regular studio work too.

Video of the Week: How to Determine Clay Shrinkage and Make a Shrink Rule

Posted On September 16, 2011 20 Comments

In today’s video, an excerpt from our latest Ceramic Arts Daily Presents DVD Studio Scale Architectural Ceramics,
Stephani Stephenson explains how to calculate shrinkage and make a
shrink rule. I thought this would be a good clip to share because, even
if you’re not working on an architectural scale, knowing how to
calculate shrinkage is a good skill to have.


How to Design and Make a Ceramic Fireplace Surround

Posted On August 22, 2011 2 Comments

In today’s post, as a little preview to Stephani Stephenson’s upcoming architectural ceramics DVD, I am presenting an article she wrote on designing and making a fireplace surround. It’s an excerpt from the newly revised How to Design, Make, and Install Ceramic Tiles and Murals: Design Tips and How-To Instructions for Handmade Ceramic Tile Projects. Download your free copy for a printer-friendly version of this article!