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Lush Mug, 3 1/2 in. (9 cm) in height, thrown porcelain, fired in an anagama, 2005.

Kick Your Work Up a Notch: Announcing the Ceramics Monthly Master Class!

Posted On March 8, 2010 16 Comments

Today’s post is a sample from our new section Ceramics Monthly Master Class. Simon Levin  explains the importance of critiquing your ceramic work, a skill that is often stressed at the college level, but is good to learn and practice at any stage of the game. Simon explains his “Suck Factor” method of gauging a piece’s success and gives some sample critiques on his own work.


Critical Care: The Art of Self Critique

Posted On March 1, 2010 11 Comments

I use one tool everyday, on every pot or sculpture, whether I made it or not. This pervasive tool is critical analysis, and I use it to assess the pot I am currently throwing, the work I made yesterday and the work I made years ago.

Simon Levin: Working Potter

Posted On February 1, 2009 0 Comments

As part of our Working Potter series, successful potter Simon Levin shares his approach to the handmade pottery business.