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Pottery Video of the Week: Think Big! The Secrets of Amping up the Scale of Your Pottery

Posted On April 22, 2011 35 Comments

Over the course of the three days we were in the exhibitor hall at NCECA, Scott Semple worked on a giant pot in the Skutt booth across the way from our booth. Well, Scott just wrapped up an instructional DVD on big pot throwing
and, for those of you who missed the conference, I am presenting an
excerpt from it today. In the DVD, Scott throws one of these babies
over the course of only one day and shares all of the secrets to
pulling off such a feat. This clip is slightly condensed, but it is
still packed with a lot of great information.

Scott Semple Throwing Large Pots

Posted On April 22, 2011 Comments Off on Scott Semple Throwing Large Pots

this instructive and inspiring video shot on location in Santa Barbara,
California, Scott demonstrates his technique for making a 6-foot tall
vase in a single day. Using advice, tips and techniques picked up from
the many potters he visited over the years, he brings everything
together with skill and a sense of self-assuredness focused on creating
more than the usual piece from a box of clay.