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Pottery Video of the Week: The Puffy Handle – Sandi Pierantozzi Demonstrates a Great Alternative to a Pulled Handle

Posted On July 3, 2015 13 Comments

Pulled handles are lovely, but they are not the only option for creating great handles on your pottery. With a little imagination and skill, you can make successful handles in a multitude of ways. Our good friend Sandi Pierantozzi, who is not lacking in the imagination or the skills department, returns today with a great idea for an alternative to the pulled handle. In this clip, Sandi shares the technique for making her “puffy” handles. Enjoy!

Cover of Sandi Pierantozzi's Ceramics - Pottery DVD What If? Explorations with Texture and Soft Slabs

What If? Explorations with Texture and Soft Slabs

Posted On August 7, 2012 Comments Off on What If? Explorations with Texture and Soft Slabs

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Sandi Pierantozzi demonstrates her soft slab handbuilding techniques, which she has perfected over the past 25 years. By showing a vast array of possibilities for form, Sandi will engage you in the creative process, encouraging the question of “What if I try this…?”

Sandi Pierantozzi cleans up the textured rim on a handbuilt bowl.

Handbuilding Video: Sandi Pierantozzi Demonstrates How to Use a Template to Make a Textured Soft-Slab-Built Bowl with a Wrapped Rim

Posted On June 18, 2010 78 Comments

In today’s clip, Sandi Pierantozzi demonstrates a cool soft slab building technique for a bowl with a wrapped rim. She also explains the template system she uses to make her pottery. Watch the video!