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Pottery Decorating Video: Using Fiber, Slip and Soft Clay to Make Beautiful Marks on Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture

Posted On April 27, 2012 16 Comments

In this clip, Robin goes over a couple of surface decoration techniques; one involving clay slip and fiber, and the other involving soft clay. As usual, Robin provides an excellent, clear explanation of these nifty little techniques and should inspire you to go directly to your studio at the first opportunity!


Form and Function DVD

Posted On February 25, 2012 0 Comments

This five program series shows how to make a wide range of pots that work well in the home. Each video is full of detailed demonstrations and close-ups of a master potter at work. The series extends and complements Robin’s popular book, Functional Pottery.

Robin Hopper Ceramics Cover

Robin Hopper Ceramics: A Lifetime of Works Ideas and Teachings

Posted On November 20, 2011 Comments Off on Robin Hopper Ceramics: A Lifetime of Works Ideas and Teachings
PRICE REDUCED!   ORIGINAL LIST PRICE $44.99   NOW ONLY $19.95   Step into the studio with master artist Robin Hopper as he opens the door to his more than 50-year exploration of ceramics. Discover the “hows” and “whys” behind Robin’s artistry while he shares his innovative insight, personal reflection and life’s work. This book… Read More »

Wheel Throwing Video: Centering, Throwing and Trimming Tips From an Expert Potter

Posted On September 23, 2011 13 Comments

In this excerpt from Beginning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel, master potter Robin Hopper shares some tips for centering, throwing and trimming.

This fired vessel by Robin Hopper demonstrates the tree or leaf-like patterns that are possible with mocha diffusion.

Pottery Video of the Week: Slipware Decoration – Mocha Diffusion and Slip Dotting Pottery

Posted On April 29, 2011 17 Comments

A while back, we posted an excerpt from Ceramics Monthly, in which Canadian potter Robin Hopper provided an explanation of the technique and a slip recipe that works well with it. Since then, Robin has recorded a new DVD. Today I am sharing an excerpt from that video, in which he demonstrates mocha diffusion and his slip dotting technique. I have also reposted the original article with the slip recipe


Pottery Video of the Week: Using Porcelain Ceramic Substrates as a Canvas

Posted On March 25, 2011 33 Comments

Today I’m sharing a clip from Robin Hopper’s new DVD Inspiration and Interpretation, in which he demonstrates a couple of painting techniques on this porcelain substrates (an industry cast off). Enjoy and have a nice weekend! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Cover photo of Robin Hopper's new DVD Inspiration and Interpretation being distributed on Ceramic Arts Daily

Robin Hopper: Inspiration and Interpretation

Posted On March 24, 2011 Comments Off on Robin Hopper: Inspiration and Interpretation

This DVD explores the Creative Process from vision to reality.
Using four different series from his diverse range of Ceramic
work, Robin explains WHERE the idea started, WHY the technical
and process decisions were made and HOW the personal journey
proceeded from start to finish.
     The processes shown are Agateware; Slipware – Dotting and
Mocha Diffusions; Majolica-style painted decoration on Porcelain;
and the use of Porcelain Canvas™ for Ceramic Drawings and
Glaze Paintings.

Prunus Triptych, three sheets of untreated  substrate with bronze-black pigment brushwork, fired to cone 10  in reduction. Chrome/lead orange glaze applied with a fine trailer and refired to cone 010.

Ceramic Substrates as Canvas: A High-Tech Ceramic Material Gets Artsy

Posted On January 19, 2011 20 Comments

In today’s post, Robin Hopper presents a possible solution for those who want to paint, but would like to incorporate marks that can only be made by the magic of the kiln. Robin has been experimenting with painting on substrates, high-tech, porcelain-like, super-thin, pre-fired sheets of mostly alumina that were developed for use in the automotive, electronic, avionics, medical, and military fields. Working with cast-offs from industry, Robin has found that the material is affordable and has been giving him terrific results. Plus, he is making something beautiful from would-be landfill fodder.

Ceramic Canvas: Using Substrates

Posted On January 17, 2011 0 Comments

If you could have a flat sheet of ceramic material that is about 1
millimeter thick, is more durable than stoneware, shows no warping or
cracking at cone 10, and will accept just about any ceramic surface
treatment, why wouldn’t you use it? It’s not a matter of scientific
limitation, it’s just that high-alumina ceramic substrates have not
been readily available to studio artists—until now.

Round is Overrated: How to Transform Wheel Thrown Forms into Different Shapes Using a Paddle

Posted On October 15, 2010 7 Comments

In today’s video, Robin Hopper shows us how he paddles bowls into the shapes he wants when he gets bored with the traditional round thrown form. This techniques creates nice straight sides with subtle rounded
corners, and no marks on the inside of the pot. Plus, these straight
sides make wonderful canvases for decoration. Watch the video!