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Undulating Rim Platter, 16 inches in diameter, wheelthrown and altered white stoneware, with Blue-Green/Copper Red Glaze sprayed over scrap glaze, fired to Cone 6 in reduction.

Five Reasons to Convert Cone 10 Reduction Glazes to Cone 6: A Potter Shares His Rationale and His Recipes

Posted On September 22, 2010 34 Comments

Today, Rick Malmgren explains the benefits of firing his reduction glazes lower and shares some of his great cone 6 reduction glaze recipes.


Marilee’s Lava Glaze Recipe, Cone 6, oxidation or reduction

Posted On January 21, 2009 9 Comments

Get the glaze recipe for Marilee’s Lava Glaze, Cone 6, oxidation or reduction right here!


Temmoku Glaze, Cone 6, reduction

Posted On July 21, 2008 3 Comments

Get Rick Malmgren’s ceramic glaze recipe for Temmoku Glaze, Cone 6, reduction.