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Cutting and Pasting to Create New Pottery Forms

Posted On April 27, 2015 10 Comments

Shana Salaff prefers to design new forms by cutting and pasting components and playing around until she arrives at a form she likes. Sometimes she even goes back to shapes that she thinks she is too comfortable with and deliberately messes with them to see what happens.


This playful approach helped her to develop her “Cut-Rim Plates.” In today’s post, Shana explains how she cuts a wheel-thrown plate into a square and then uses the scraps to create a fresh and interesting rim.–Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Pottery Making Illustrated May/June 2015

Posted On April 22, 2015 0 Comments

Form Follows Construction by Shana Angela Salaff

Staying in Shape by Jim Wylder

Blended Influences by Paul Linhares

Tempting Transparency by Sasha Wardell

Compose and Contain: Flower Rafts by Mark Johnson

InFormed Pinching by Lilly Zuckerman

In the Studio: Center Justified by Simon Levin

In the Studio: Nobashigote Throwing Ribs by Naomi Tsukamoto

In the Potter’s Kitchen: Taco Night by Mark Cole

Pottery Illustrated: Vintage Fiesta Ware by Robin Ouellette


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Pottery Making Illustrated March/April 2015

Posted On February 17, 2015 0 Comments

A Well Wrapped Surface by David M. Self
Sculpting with Flair by Jo Taylor
Texture Play by Sarah Pike
Sewn and Stitched by Josie Jurczenia
Potluck, Party, and Picnic Perfect by Sumi von Dassow
Carving Out Your Own Niche by Glenn Woods
Studio Housekeeping by Deanna Ranlett
Glitter Flashing by John W. Conrad
Packing for Success by Charlie Cummings
In the Potter’s Kitchen: Personal Crocks by Caleb Zouhary
Pottery Illustrated: Talavera Patterns by Robin Ouellette


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Pottery Making Illustrated January/February 2015

Posted On December 18, 2014 0 Comments

Erin Furimsky’s highly decorated surfaces

Michelle Swafford’s platters layered with textured sprigs 

Yoshi Fujii’s carved goblets

Kyla Toomey’s plaid-patterned plates


Darting for dramatic shapes in thrown forms

Vinyl-cut stencils for glaze inlay effects

Traditional Japanese shippiki cut-off tools

Perfect fitting lids for oval jars

Creative ideas for handle shapes

Pourover coffee sets


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Pottery Making Illustrated November/December 2014: Commercial Glazes Over Texture

Posted On November 17, 2014 0 Comments
  In the Studio | Glazing     In the November/December issue, Deanna Ranlett resumes her testing of commercial glazes. In this installment she is testing a range of colors and glaze varieties over a specifically designed text tile. Each tile was formed with water etching, stamping, sprigging, carving, and sgraffito sections to see how each… Read More »

Pottery Making Illustrated November/December 2014: Kimegote Ribs

Posted On November 17, 2014 0 Comments
  In the Studio | Tools     Starting with the November/December issue, Naomi Tsukamoto introduces us to common Japanese ceramic tools. The first in the series shows us a range of wheel-thowing ribs, called kimegote, specifically designed to create open cup and bowl forms. In addition to learning about the ribs, Tsukamoto also shows us how to… Read More »

Pottery Making Illustrated November/December 2014: Paul Andrew Wandless

Posted On November 17, 2014 0 Comments
  Positives & Negatives     In the November/December issue, Paul Andrew Wandless returns to Pottery Making Illustrated to guide you through the unique process of transforming your own drawings or person photographs into photocopy film negatives. This technique is easily done with a photocopy, a sponge, and some mineral spirits. With your film negative in… Read More »

Pottery Making Illustrated November/December 2014: John W. Conrad

Posted On November 17, 2014 0 Comments
  Process | A Multi-Striped Approach     In the November/December issue, John Conrad guides you through a step-by-step process of making a striped plate with colored clays. Mixing colored clays is a painless process with a big reward. Learn John’s quick method for altering your own clay body and forming functional ware with colored patterns.  … Read More »

Pottery Making Illustrated November/December 2014: Sarah Jaeger

Posted On November 17, 2014 0 Comments
  Process | Sarah Jaeger’s Soft Geometry     In the November/December issue, Emily Donahoe dives into Sarah Jaeger’s elegantly designed ceramic baker. Jaeger demonstrates her fluid throwing process for making the dish in just three wheel-thrown and altered parts. Donahoe finishes her article with a step-by-step discussion of Jaeger’s glazing and slip-trailing decorating techniques.        … Read More »

Pottery Making Illustrated November/December: Pottery Illustrated

Posted On November 10, 2014 0 Comments
    In the November/December issue, Robin Ouellette illustrates a dozen options for creating Japanese feet for your teabowls, which are known to have several different traditional foot, or kodai, designs.