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Photo of Cover of Paul Lewing's new DVD New Directions in China Painting

New Directions in China Painting

Posted On April 11, 2012 Comments Off on New Directions in China Painting

In this edition of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video
series, Paul Lewing shares his vast knowledge and experience with China
painting. Fired at the lowest end of the ceramic range, China paint offers
consistent, durable, and predictable colors, from bright hues to subtle
gradations. More like a paint than a glaze, this colorful tool can open doors
for potters who have been looking for better ways to get painted imagery onto
their work. In this video, Paul explains the ins and outs of China painting, covering
mediums, painting techniques, firing cycles, safety, and more. So if you’re a
ceramic artist who also really loves to paint, you are in for a treat!


Pottery Video of the Week: How to Use Brushes for China Painting on Pottery

Posted On May 27, 2011 10 Comments

Unlike regular ceramic glazes, with china paint what you see is what you get. China paints are consistent, durable and can produce any effect you can get from paint or ink. But of course, before you can get great results, you need to become familiar with the tools and master their effects. In this excerpt from New Directions in China Painting (which is now shipping!), Paul Lewing explains how to uses the brushes and wipeout tools used by china painters. Watch and learn! -Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

China Painting on Tile

Pottery Video of the Week: Fun with China Paint on Ceramic Tile

Posted On April 1, 2011 20 Comments

In today’s pottery video, an excerpt from the forthcoming DVD New Directions in China Painting, Paul Lewing demonstrates a technique for creating a bamboo painting with a sumi brush.


China Paint & Overglaze

Posted On November 5, 2008 Comments Off on China Paint & Overglaze

From the casual ceramic artist to the lifelong china painter, China Paint & Overglaze is the essential text for anyone interested in exploring these techniques. This ground-breaking book, the first to showcase the work of traditional china painters and studio ceramic artists together, includes many unique features on every aspect of this exciting and colorful medium. It contains a comprehensive history of porcelain and overglaze decoration as well as discussions on tools, equipment, mediums, solvents, chemistry, brushes and more. Professionals demonstrate their step-by-step methods on a variety of techniques.