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How to Calibrate Your Glazes to Prepare for Pottery Glazing

Posted On May 4, 2012 16 Comments

Calibrating glazes each time you glaze is a step that is probably skipped by a great many of us when we glaze, but it is a step that can help make glazing results more reliable. In today’s post, an excerpt from her new DVD Glazing and Decorating Pottery, which ships next week, Nan Rothwell explains her process for keeping her glazes consistent from one glazing session to the next. 

NAN DVD sleeve

Glazing and Decorating Pottery

Posted On April 20, 2012 Comments Off on Glazing and Decorating Pottery

In this Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video, Nan Rothwell demonstrates the basics of glazing and decorating pots. In step-by-step demonstrations, Nan applies glaze by dipping, pouring, and spraying, and then shows a series of simple decorative techniques including tape and wax resist, under- and overglaze patterning, and brushwork. She also looks at a range of pots made by others, discussing the visual decisions each potter made and how they affected the form and design of the piece. Nan also includes material on mixing glazes and a brief appendix on glaze chemistry. Watching this DVD, you’ll learn multiple specific tips for glazing, plus you will gain a larger vocabulary for the elements of design that come into play every time you sit down to glaze your work.


Pottery Video of the Week: Creating Interesting Patterns with Glazes and Colorants

Posted On April 20, 2012 10 Comments

In this clip, from her new DVD Glazing and Decorating Pottery, Nan Rothwell demonstrates some different ways to make patterns on pottery using various objects, including a simple homemade stamp made out of the standard pottery throwing sponge.

Cover Photo of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Wheel Throwing with Nan Rothwell

Wheel Throwing

Posted On February 27, 2012 Comments Off on Wheel Throwing

the rare workshop you may be able to attend, Nan Rothwell’s Wheel
Throwing is detailed and thorough. As an experienced workshop presenter,
Nan understands what you want from her demonstration – she’s
anticipated your questions and provides you with dozens of tips and
techniques that will inspire you for a long time. And, you can ‘attend’


Pottery Video of the Week: How to Make a Wiggle Wire Mug

Posted On November 11, 2011 32 Comments

Today I am presenting a video from the recent Potters Council workshop in Indianapolis. Nan Rothwell shows us
how to make a super cool wiggle wire mug. As always, Nan’s demonstration
is clear and thorough. It’s almost like being at the workshop in

Bonus Monday Pottery Video: Five Ways to Use Your Credit Card in the Pottery Studio

Posted On June 6, 2011 46 Comments

Nearly every potter has probably put an old credit card to use in the studio as a flexible throwing rib. But that’s not the only way to repurpose your old credit cards. In today’s bonus Monday video, potter Nan Rothwell, one of the honorable mentions in our recent D.I.Y. Tools video contest, shares some of other the credit card uses she has come up with in her pottery studio.

How to Throw a Berry Bowl with a Textured Saucer on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On November 19, 2010 19 Comments

Today’s video is an excerpt from Wheel Throwing with Nan Rothwell,
the next installment in the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series
(which is coming soon to a Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore near you!). I
am super excited about this forthcoming DVD, which is packed with
clear, step-by-step demonstrations from simple cylinders to more
complex multi-part forms — and it’s all delivered in the the friendly,
low-key, and practical teaching style we’ve come to appreciate from
Nan. Enjoy!

Wheel Throwing Video: How to Throw a Lamp with Wiggle Wire Decoration on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On March 26, 2010 42 Comments

Nan Rothwell returns to CAD today with another fantabulous video. In this one, she creates a beautiful wheel-thrown base for a lamp and gives it a super fun textured surface with a “wiggle wire.” Not only is the finished product inspiring, but Nan is an excellent teacher and shares some great tips along the way, such as a nifty way to center large amounts of clay. Watch the video!

Wheel Throwing Video: How to Throw a Pitcher in Two Parts on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On May 22, 2009 5 Comments

In this great instructional pottery video, potter Nan Rothwell demonstrates throwing a pitcher in two parts on the pottery wheel, covering such processes as throwing in sections, bellying-out a form, making a spout, attaching a handle, and more.