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Understanding Glazes Through Raw Materials: Using Glaze Cores

Posted On March 14, 2009 0 Comments

The objective is to locate one single earth material that alone almost provides the desired surface, and then to add as few additional materials as possible. I call this primary material, which almost achieves the desired glaze surface, a “glaze core.”

Out of the Earth Into the Fire Cover

Out of the Earth, Into the Fire

Posted On April 5, 2007 Comments Off

Mimi Obstler’s Out of the Earth, Into the Fire
studies glazes by examining the connection between the ceramic raw
materials and the surface of a ceramic form. This book presents a
twofold approach to the study of claybodies and glazes that is both
empirical and historical in nature. It is empirical because it seeks to
create and understand ceramic surfaces in terms of a hands-on
experience with the primary minerals of our earth. It follows a
historical approach in its focus on a single mineral as the core of the
glaze or the claybody.