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Wheel Throwing Video: Matt Long – Making Mugs with Movement

Posted On December 24, 2010 25 Comments

Today’s video is an oldie but a goodie. It’s from Matt’s Vessels for Victory DVD. One of the reasons I like this DVD is because Matt talks about the “why to” as much as the “how to.” Sometimes it is easy to concentrate only on how to throw a particular pot, but not really think about the aesthetic choices made along the way. But Matt reminds us to keep thinking about why we make those choices and about how effective they are visually and functionally.

Wheel Throwing Video: One Pound of Clay – Making Mugs as a Warm-Up Exercise

Posted On May 8, 2009 3 Comments

In this excerpt from his full-length DVD Vessels for Victory, Matt Long demonstrates his mug-throwing technique and explains that making mugs is a great way to warm up in the studio. After all, you are more likely to let go and try new ideas when you are only working with one pound of clay.

Wheel Throwing Video: Matt Long – Making a Hip Flask on the Potters Wheel

Posted On September 5, 2008 0 Comments

Today we bring you another video clip from Matt Long off of his full-length DVD Matt Long: Vessels for Victory. In this clip, Matt demonstrates how to make a hip flask. In addition to clearly explaining how the form is constructed, Matt delves into his design considerations and motivations. For example, when considering the shape of this flask form, he decided he wanted “the form to look like it’s kind of drunk” – perfect for a form that is designed to hold a beverage that can make you tipsy!

Thinking through both the form and function of a piece before setting out to make it is a good habit for all potters to get into. It can be what separates a “so-so” piece from a really successful piece. So have a look at the video and follow Matt’s lead, remembering to carefully consider form and function in your own work.Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Matt Long: Vessels for Victory

Posted On November 1, 2006 Comments Off on Matt Long: Vessels for Victory

Matt Long’s instructional video Vessels for Victory brings process and passion together. Long demonstrates his techniques for making his signature drinking vessels, including bourbon cups, whiskey jugs, hip flasks, and bourbon bottles. During his presentation, Long shares his reasons for making functional pottery, as well as the influences on his life.