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Pottery Video of the Week: Mark Peters Demonstrates his Unconventional Lid-Making Technique

Posted On October 31, 2014 12 Comments

Mark Peters is a master of thinking outside the box when it comes to making pots, and developed his lid-making technique so he could do similar surface treatments on his jars and lids. In today’s post, an excerpt from Mark’s awesome DVD Lively Forms and Expressive Surfaces, Mark demonstrates his super cool lid making process.


Pottery Video of the Week: A New Twist on a Faceted Bowl

Posted On March 14, 2014 18 Comments

In today’s post, an excerpt from his DVD Lively Forms and Expressive Surfaces (which is now shipping by the way!!), Mark Peters shares a new twist that he came up with for faceting pots. By making the cuts while the pot is still cylindrical and adjusting the way the wire moves through the clay, Mark creates an interesting alternative to the typical faceted surface.

Mark Peters DVD Cover

Lively Forms and Expressive Surfaces

Posted On April 17, 2012 0 Comments

Mark Peters is a potter, but not your ordinary potter. He makes wheel-thrown functional pottery, and a lot of it is altered or assembled off the wheel. Each pot is organic and loose in form, while bold and defined in structure. You’ll find the fresh approach to throwing and decorating demonstrated in this DVD to be absolutely refreshing and very inspirational.


Handbuilding Video: How to Make a Handbuilt Textured Ceramic Hors D’oeuvres Tray Using Just, Your Hands, a Lump of Clay, a Spring and a Sponge

Posted On March 2, 2012 17 Comments

Today we have a cool little video from Mark Peters. Mark is so good at taking a simple idea and the most basic of tools – a lump of clay, a sponge, and a stretched-out spring – and turning it into a loose, yet elegant piece of pottery. Have a look and then give this one a try!

Wheel Throwing Video: A Simple Pottery Making Technique Turned Upside Down

Posted On August 21, 2009 52 Comments

Brace yourselves, Ceramic Arts Daily readers. Today’s video is going to turn your world upside down! Potter Mark Peters takes a simple pottery wheel throwing technique and turns it on its head. Watch the Video!

Wheel Throwing Video: How to Throw a Bowl with a Scalloped Rim on the Potter’s Wheel

Posted On June 12, 2009 17 Comments

In this clear and concise video, Mark demonstrates how to make bowls with beautiful undulating rims using a couple of simple tools.

Pottery Decorating Video: Trimming, Slipping and Raw Glazing for Texture and Depth

Posted On October 10, 2008 5 Comments

Last week, Mark Peters made a bisque stamp and used it in making a cup on the wheel. IN this week’s video, he shows us his technique for finishing that cup. He accentuates that great texture using slip and glaze at the leather-hard stage of drying. He includes recipes as well as tips for success along the way. If you missed last week’s video, you can check it out right here

Ceramics Decorating Video: Making a Stamped Cup with Continuous Texture

Posted On October 3, 2008 0 Comments

A lot of times, it’s easy to forget about the surface of a pot until it comes time to glaze it. By then, of course, your options are somewhat limited. In this video, Mark Peters demonstrates one simple method for integrating form and surface through the use of a textured stamp that is very easy to make and use. The great thing about a pottery technique like this one is that it can translate to so many other pottery projects. You don’t have to throw a cup on the wheel to get great texture into your work; watching how Peters makes this stamp and cup can give you great ideas for hand building projects as well.


Pottery Decorating Video: Trimming and Glazing a Wire-Faceted Bowl Pt. 2

Posted On July 18, 2008 3 Comments

This week’s Video Tip of the Week is a follow-up video on trimming and glazing the wire-faceted bowls Mark Peters demonstrated last week. In today’s video, Mark shares a Cone 10 Temmoku glaze recipe and Randy Johnston’s flashing slip recipe, which he likes to use on these forms. We have also posted these recipes on the site so you don’t have to worry about jotting them down while watching the video. Enjoy! -Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Wheel Throwing Video: Making a Homemade Wire Faceting Tool and a Wire Faceted Bowl

Posted On July 11, 2008 7 Comments

Today, we have another video from North Carolina potter Mark Peters. In it, Mark demonstrates how to make a homemade wire faceting tool and then shows how to use it to make a lovely loosely faceted bowl on the potters wheel. Next week, we’ll show you Mark’s follow-up video on trimming and glazing these faceted bowls. Plus, Mark will share a glaze and slip recipe that he likes to use on these forms. Stay tuned!
-Jennifer Harnetty, editor.