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Expand Your Ceramic Glaze Palette, Part II

Posted On October 15, 2008 1 Comment

On Monday, we presented a couple of ways that you can expand your glaze palette without purchasing new materials or experimenting with new glaze recipes. If you missed that tip, you can see it in the online archives (along with every other feature we’ve published—just click on “Features Archive”).
As promised, today, Lou Roess shares another handy tip for getting a lot more information out of the glazes you already have. You may discover something new and interesting right in your own studio!

This image shows the fired result of mixing the green and white glazes shown on the plates below right.

Expand Your Ceramic Glaze Palette, Part 1

Posted On October 13, 2008 8 Comments

f you’d like a bigger selection of glaze colors, but don’t have the time or money it takes to mix and test new ones, don’t fret. Working with what you have on hand can yield some interesting results. Today, we’ll show you a couple of simple ways to get more from your studio glazes.

Whether you mix your own glazes, use commercial glazes or both, it’s easy to get comfortable using the same glazes the same way on the same pieces. That’s not necessarily bad, because being comfortable with your methods builds confidence and consistency. However, it’s also wise to experiment and stretch a little bit to discover new territory. The methods below show that new territory might not be that far away. Wednesday, we’ll follow up with another method.