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Lorna Meaden DVD Cover

Integrating Form & Surface with Porcelain

Posted On October 30, 2012 Comments Off on Integrating Form & Surface with Porcelain

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Lorna Meaden presents her techniques for elegant wheel-thrown pottery that is equally utilitarian and decorative. By carefully considering every detail, Lorna demonstrates how to successfully integrate surface decoration with a form to make a cohesive whole. In this DVD, you’ll enjoy her demonstrations of creating a range of forms, tips for working with porcelain, and the details of her signature decorating technique.


Pottery Video of the Week: Using Plastic to Make Handbuilding with Thin Slabs Easier

Posted On September 21, 2012 2 Comments

Most master potters have at least one signature piece or technique that they are known for. These signature pieces embody years of study, practice, and refinement, and demos of these pieces are often requested by workshop attendees. That’s why we decided to start a new series of CAD videos that focuses on in-depth demonstrations of the signature forms of well respected and talented ceramic artists. I’m happy to launch that series today with the release of three “Signature Series” downloadable videos: Lorna Meaden’s Watering Can; Suze Lindsay’s Ewer; and Mike Jabbur’s Teapot. These shorter downloads will be great for folks who are working on developing a form, need a little more insight or inspiration on that form, but don’t necessarily want a full-length DVD. For today’s video, I have excerpted a bit from Lorna’s Watering Can video in which she explains a trick she came up with to make handbuilding with thin porcelain slabs easier.

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Pottery Video of the Week: How to Create Glaze Patterns with Latex Resist

Posted On August 17, 2012 12 Comments

I just added latex resist to my ever expanding studio supplies shopping list. And when you watch today’s video, you’ll see why. In the video, an excerpt from her new DVD Integrating Surface and Form with Porcelain (which ships Monday!), Lorna Meaden takes us through the process of glazing one of her jester tumblers. To enhance the slip inlay jester pattern, Lorna uses latex resist to alternate flashing slip and celadon glaze. Super cool. 

Meaden Watering Can

Lorna Meaden – Watering Can

Posted On April 10, 2012 Comments Off on Lorna Meaden – Watering Can

In this video, Lorna leads you step-by-step through her process for creating her signature watering can. If you are interested in making complex composite forms but don’t know where to start, this video will provide a wealth of information concerning design elements and the proper timing for construction. Understanding the nuances of making complicated pieces is the secret to successful results.

Lorna Meaden Studio Visit 1

Living the Dream: Potter Lorna Meaden Gives us a Glimpse into her Super Awesome Studio

Posted On March 7, 2011 18 Comments

Today, in a excerpt from the March 2011 issue of Ceramics Monthly, Lorna gives us a peek into her 650-square-foot studio and tells us all about how she made it a reality. She also explains that the key to
keeping herself creatively charged is to balance her studio life with her life outside the studio.


Wheel Throwing Video – Fitting Form: How to Alter Wheel Thrown Pottery Using Darts

Posted On February 19, 2010 30 Comments

Today, Lorna Meaden, past and future Potters Council workshop presenter, demonstrates how she darts a wheel-thrown pitcher to alter the shape. She also explains how darting can work really well on pots with handles because of the extra negative space that is created between the handle and the dart. As a bonus, she also quickly shows a really cool way to make a
beautiful refined foot that requires little or no trimming. Watch the video!


Even the Pros Mess Up Spouts! Potter Lorna Meaden Demonstrates “A Great Way to Fix a Spout You Ruined”

Posted On November 6, 2009 14 Comments

Today, Lorna Meaden explains a great way to fix a messed-up pitcher spout by adding coils when the pot is leather hard and re-pulling the spout. Not only is it a great way to fix mess-ups, but it is also a great way to add length to a pulled spout. 


A Very, Very Fine Line: Drawing on Pottery with Inlaid Slip

Posted On July 13, 2009 6 Comments

Potter Lorna Meaden explains the technique she uses to achieve the super fine (in more ways than one) pin-striped decoration that graces a lot of her pots.