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Adding Depth to Your Ceramic Surfaces with Commercial Glazes

Posted On February 13, 2012 1 Comment

In this feature, one educator and potter, Lisa Bare Culp, explains how she discovered the advantages of exploring commercial glazes, and how some of her previous attitudes changed in the process. The results are not only seen in wider options for her work and her students work, but projects for you to try as well. Enjoy!

Clay Pumpkin, by Lisa Bare Culp.

Bonus Monday Pottery Video: Spooky Clay – How to Make a Clay Jackolantern

Posted On October 31, 2011 37 Comments

We love Halloween here at Ceramic Arts Daily, and for today’s post, we wanted to have a little fun. So we called on our friend Lisa Bare Culp (who is always a hoot) and she delivered. In today’s bonus Halloween video, Lisa demonstrates a fun, festive (and spooky!) Halloween project suited for all ages. Happy Halloween everybody!

Potter Lisa Bare Culp demonstrates another method of altering soft thrown pots with bisque stamps.

Ceramics Decorating Video: Bisque Stamp Alterations

Posted On July 2, 2008 1 Comment

Today’s Video Tip of the Week is a good follow up to Mark Peters video from last week. Lisa Bare Culp demonstrates a similar technique to Mark’s stamped rim technique, but on a simple vase form. I think it can valuable to see similar techniques on different forms because each shape has its own challenges. Also, every artist does things a little differently and you can always learn from getting multiple perspectives. I hope this will get you thinking about other forms to tackle with bisque stamps.
-Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Wheel Throwing Video: Out of Round Throwing Technique

Posted On June 13, 2008 1 Comment

Today’s video comes from my good friend and instructor Lisa Bare Culp. In this video, Lisa gives a refresher course on throwing good strong bowls on the potter’s wheel, but then reminds us that round isn’t always best. Sometimes alterations to thrown forms can take a good pot to an even higher level! Use Lisa’s demonstration as a starting point and see what other interesting shapes you can come up with.
Jennifer Harnetty, editor.