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Majolica Decoration

Posted On October 9, 2012 Comments Off on Majolica Decoration

If you’re looking for a way to add color to your surfaces, nothing beats majolica. This centuries old low-temperature technique, which began in the Middle East and spread throughout Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, is seeing a renaissance among studio potters today. Linda Arbuckle, a long-time practitioner of this historic technique, has dedicated years to the study and perfection of majolica and brings the process into 21st century.


Video of the Week: How to Flocculate a Ceramic Glaze for Better Coverage

Posted On June 29, 2012 14 Comments

In majolica glazing an even coat of the base glaze is desirable because it acts as a canvas for the decoration. In today’s post, an excerpt from her DVD Majolica Glazing: Creating Colorful Surfaces, Linda Arbuckle explains how she tests her glazes and makes sure they are properly flocculated to ensure even coverage. Even if you do not do majolica, this advice can be helpful in other glazing situations.

Bowl: Fruits of Our Labor in a Time of Envy, 11 in. (28 cm) in diameter, terra cotta with majolica glazes, fired to cone 04, 2010.

The Colorful World of Majolica: A Beautiful Low-Fire Pottery Glazing Technique

Posted On June 29, 2011 17 Comments

Our summer of DVD filming continues and, in a couple of weeks, Linda Arbuckle will be coming to town to share her vast knowledge of the majolica (maiolica) technique on an instructional video. If you’re unfamiliar with majolica, it is a type of decoration typically done on terra cotta, with opaque white glaze and colored overglaze decoration. Linda is an expert on the majolica subject, and shared her knowledge in the  written form in the latest issue of Ceramics Monthly. Today, I am presenting an excerpt from that article and in the next couple of months, her instructional DVD will hit the shelves of the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore. Stay tuned!

Tina Gebhardt's lobed teapot, 6 in. ( 15 cm) in height, porcleain, salt fired to cone 10.

Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: Articulated Pouring Pots: Teapots, Coffee Pots, and Chocolate Pots

Posted On September 15, 2010 0 Comments

This project investigates types of articulation, or the way parts of a pot are joined, the implications of various kinds articulation in the artist’s response to surface treatment, and the aesthetic and technical problems of making lidded pots that pour.

Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: Memory Traces

Posted On July 9, 2010 0 Comments

This project will help you pactice technical skills for forming and surfacing pottery objects, consider the constraints of functional ware, develop concept strategies that evoke abstracted meaning for a viewer/user, and practice using formal design elements (scale, proportion, edge, texture, color, etc.) in the service of putting personal meaning into your pottery objects.

Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: Serving Bowls – Continuation or Completion

Posted On June 27, 2010 1 Comment

This project will help students develop throwing skills on larger bowls, and refine their trimming skills, consider ceramic form and profiles that continue or complete the form as expressive elements in making personalized bowls, develop surface strategies that reinforce decisions in form, learn about reduction firing at cone 10, and glazes for that process