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Working with Homemade Tools and Bisque Molds to Create Texture on the Inside of a Bowl

Posted On May 21, 2015 2 Comments

What’s not to love about texture and clay? After all, it’s clay’s wonderful malleability that got us all hooked in the first place. And textured clay can work so well with glaze. In today’s post, an excerpt from her new video Low Tech Clay: High End Results, Kari Radasch shares a simple technique for creating texture on the inside of a bowl by using an easy-to-make tool and a bisque hump mold. An added bonus of this technique is that, because your mold is a hump mold, you can attach the foot right away so everything can dry at the same time, thus avoiding cracks! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Low-Tech Clay – High-End Results with Kari Radasch

Posted On May 7, 2015 Comments Off on Low-Tech Clay – High-End Results with Kari Radasch


In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Kari Radasch demonstrates her low-tech approach to making colorful, functional pots. A busy mom of two small children, Kari has streamlined her processes to make the most of her studio time and she shares all of her secrets here. She starts off with a number of techniques for making simple hump molds out of clay and moves on to plaster for larger forms. Once the molds are made, she demonstrates six different ways they can be used to make delightful dishes. Kari also shares her decorating techniques, including sgraffito, colored terra sigillata, underglaze wash, and glazing processes.


Kari’s Best Transparent Glaze Recipe, Cone 04-02 oxidation

Posted On June 18, 2009 0 Comments

Get the recipe for Kari’s Best Transparent Glaze Recipe, Cone 04-02 oxidation


Melty Goodness: Using Gravity and Layered Glazes to Add Depth to Pottery Surfaces

Posted On December 8, 2008 2 Comments

In today’s feature, Ceramic artist Kari Radasch explains how she piles glazes with various melting points onto her handbuilt terra cotta pottery and lets gravity do its magic in the kiln. The results are luscious surfaces with luminous depth…just the ticket (I still miss my boy though)!