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Layton and Justin doing the dishes and learning about pots. Photo: Brooke Rothshank.

Trading Experiences

Posted On October 19, 2012 0 Comments

Trading Experiences

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Ceramic Decals: New Ideas and Techniques

Posted On July 8, 2012 Comments Off on Ceramic Decals: New Ideas and Techniques

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Justin draws on his extensive experimentation with decals to explain the ins and outs of using them to decorate ceramic art. Over the years, Justin has pushed the limits of decal decoration, trying any technique he could think of in search of new and interesting results. From applying iron oxide laser decals to leatherhard work, to using them successfully in a soda firing, to layering them with commercial decals, Justin shares a wide range of techniques and effects.


Pottery Video of the Week: Applying Decals to Glazed Pottery and Ceramics

Posted On August 12, 2011 29 Comments

This week, Justin Rothshank was here filming a DVD on applying ceramic decals to pottery. So, I thought I would bust out this decal application video from the archives (which Justin submitted a couple of years ago) to whet your appetite. This video first aired way, way back in the olden days when videos were new to us here at CAD, so please excuse the graininess! The upcoming DVD will be crystal clear and will cover all aspects of making and applying decals to your work.


Ceramic Decal Video: Applying Decals to Glazed Pottery and Ceramics

Posted On July 25, 2008 11 Comments

I thought a video demonstration of applying decals would be a nice follow up to Wednesday’s feature on decal paper. So in today’s Video Tip of the Week, Justin Rothshank demonstrates this process. Justin also explains how easy it is to make custom decals with a laser printer, which opens up all kinds of creative possibilities. Watch the video and then try it for yourself!  –Jennifer Harnetty, editor.