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Going Local: How to Dig and Process Your Own Clay

Posted On May 14, 2010 33 Comments

There is an abundance of clay in my area, and I have occasionally
thought about making work out of local clay. But the process seemed
intimidating, so I never actually tried it (or maybe it was a matter of
laziness!). But as Graham Sheehan demonstrates in today’s video clip,
the process is not all that difficult. It might not be practical for
everyone, but if you’re willing to do a little bit of manual labor,
digging your own clay can be a great way to create an even closer
connection to the work you make, and help lessen your carbon footprint
in the process. Watch the video!


Handbuilding Video: How to Make a Handbuilt Ceramic Planter Using a Simple Cardboard Form

Posted On January 15, 2010 24 Comments

For today’s video, I have excerpted a cool planter project involving a simple cardboard form and some slabs. What I especially like about this project is that Graham turns very practical joint reinforcements into lovely loose decorative elements. 

[buildownkiln_large] This clip is packed with great advice such as, build your kiln around the shelves you plan to use rather than trying to fit shelves after you’ve built the kiln.

Kiln Building Video: From the Ground Up – Laying the Foundation for Building a Ceramic Kiln

Posted On June 5, 2009 10 Comments

In today’s clip, an excerpt from the full-length DVD Building Your Own Potter’s Kiln, Graham Sheehan demonstrates how to lay down the proper footprint for a gas kiln and explains how important these first steps are for ensuring a well-functioning, efficient kiln.

Getting Started with Clay with Graham Sheehan

Posted On December 31, 2006 Comments Off on Getting Started with Clay with Graham Sheehan

Graham Sheehan introduces beginning potters to low-tech approaches to
clay arts that have been used by potters for thousands of years. After
digging and preparing local clay, he demonstrates modeling and slab
techniques for making simple hand-built forms. He then shows how to
build a wood-fired kiln that novices can construct in a couple of hours
using re-cycled bricks. Graham fires this kiln and shows the finished
forms that complete the clay arts cycle. Drawings and a materials list
to aid with the construction of the kiln are included on the DVD