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An Introduction to Salt-Soda Firing – Kiln Considerations and Loading Techniques that Enhance Results

Posted On April 16, 2010 22 Comments

In today’s video, Gordon Hutchens gives us a quick introduction to the salt/soda firing technique. He explains some of the considerations that go into building a salt/soda kiln (do not try this in an electric kiln or any other kiln that you wish to use for any other type of firing!). He also discusses some of the ways you can get great decorative results from the way the ware is placed in the kiln. If you wanted to know more about salt/soda firing, this video is a great place to start!


Ceramics Decorating Video: Decorating Raku Pottery with Slip Resist

Posted On May 15, 2009 6 Comments

In today’s video clip, Gordon Hutchens demonstrates a slip-resist
decorating technique. Sometimes called naked raku (but this video is G
rated) or peel-away slip, the technique involves painting clay slip
onto bisqueware and then raku firing.


Raku and Alternative Firing Video: Playing with Fire – Making and Raku Firing a Slab Built Vase

Posted On April 17, 2009 10 Comments

In today’s pottery video, potter Gordon Hutchens makes a slab-built vase form and then takes us through raku firing it. Plus, we’ve posted some of Gordon’s raku glaze recipes and washes for overglaze decoration.