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Teapot, 6 inches in height, porcelain, fired to cone 6. This teapot is glazed with what Choo calls his “Crystal Celadon” glaze, which is a layered combination of commercial glazes (Amaco Textured Alligator, LT Series and LT 122 Dark Blue)

Tiny Teapots, Big Impact: Fong Choo Combines Wheel Throwing, Handbuilding and Layering Commercial Glazes to Make Compact Teapots that Pack a Punch

Posted On May 17, 2010 20 Comments

Fong Choo makes tiny teapots but, visually, they are anything but small. Fong successfully integrates the form with the surface to make elegant little works of art. The teapots bodies are thrown and altered on the wheel, and then embellished with handbuilt handles, feet, and spouts. Then Fong layers commercial glazes to get amazing surfaces. Today he explains his technique in detail, including his secret to taking commercial glazes to the next level.