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An Easy Way to Transfer Imagery to Pottery

Posted On April 1, 2013 17 Comments
A few years back, Doug Gray was interested in incorporating his digital photography into his clay work. He tried decals, but it wasn’t the look he was after – he wanted the photos to help him create the images, but he didn’t want the images to look exactly like photographs.   One day he had… Read More »

Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: Ink Transfers on Clay

Posted On July 23, 2010 9 Comments

Years ago, in an attempt to incorporate digital photography into my clay work, I began experimenting with image transfer processes. I began working with Xerox transfers and decals with some degree of success. But one day I accidentally stumbled across a water-based process so simple and direct that it’s become the single-most-used method for most of my current transfer work. Unlike other processes involving a laser printer, Xerox machine, and/or chemical solvents, this water-based process can be done with an inkjet printer or any water-based media. Consequently it’s nose, skin, and, yes, even kid friendly.

Ceramic Art Lesson Plan: No Measure Lids

Posted On March 25, 2010 9 Comments

This project will help students throw a closed form on the wheel; trim a closed form using a chuck to support it, a skill also needed for trimming narrow necked bottles, and forms with fragile or uneven rims; create a tight fitting lid from part of the closed form; analyze and address problems with throwing, trimming and craftsmanship after cutting the piece apart and reassembling it.