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Multi-Purpose Chucks: Using Household Items When Trimming Difficult-to-Trim Pottery

Posted On May 19, 2008 0 Comments

At some point or another many potters are faced with a conundrum: their creativity goes unchecked and they artfully fashion a beautiful and delicate rim on a pot that they would like to flip over and trim on the potter’s wheel. But flipping the piece to trim will ruin the artfully created piece. A common solution to this conundrum is to use a bisque-fired chuck to prop up the piece so the rim doesn’t come in contact with the wheelhead. Then the challenge becomes finding the correctly sized chuck for the job. And often, in community studio settings especially, there isn’t a chuck that is just right.

A couple of months back we published a feature by Sam Hoffman on an easy way to create unfired clay chucks for platters with altered rims (see Trimming Platters with Altered Rims), a great solution indeed. In response to that article, reader Don Goodrich sent in this tip on his approach to the difficult-to-trim pot conundrum. If you keep both of these tips in mind, chances are you’ll always be prepared with the right chuck.