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Pottery Decorating Video: What a Stretch! How to Use Sodium Silicate to Create Crackled Texture on Pottery Surfaces

Posted On August 6, 2010 26 Comments

In today’s video, potters Don Ellis and Randy Brodnax demonstrate a couple of variations on the same technique in tandem. The technique involves using sodium silicate and a heat gun to quickly harden the outside surface of a freshly thrown pot. Then the pot can be stretched from the inside, creating a lovely cracked texture on the surface.

Wheel Throwing Video: It’s Raining Cats and Frogs! How to Turn Wheel Thrown Functional Pottery into Clay Animal Sculptures

Posted On October 9, 2009 17 Comments

In today’s pottery video, potters Don Ellis and Randy Brodnax playfully demonstrate how, with a little imagination, you can turn your pots into all manner of creatures great and small. Don shows us how to alter a pot into a cat sculpture, while Randy makes a frog out of a pot he slammed onto the ground after throwing. Watch the video!