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How to Make a Gauge for Throwing Consistently Sized Pots on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On December 7, 2009 13 Comments

If you’ve ever tried to throw multiple pots of the same size and shape, you know that it’s tough. Sure, calipers can do the trick, but if you are on such a tight deadline that every second counts, it is nice to not have to stop what you are doing to measure. That’s where a throwing gauge comes in handy. Today, Don Adamatis demonstrates how to construct a simple, easy-to-make throwing gauge.

The Pounding Pad: An Energy-Saving Clay Tool

Posted On November 24, 2008 1 Comment

Because the process of working with clay is so enjoyable to us, it’s easy to forget that this material we love so much has some physical characteristics that, if not understood and respected, can do us harm. One of those characteristics is plasticity, which of course is a good thing—it’s what makes clay workable. Heck, if clay wasn’t plastic, it would just be dirt! At the same time, that quality that sticks all those clay particles together makes a large lump of it fairly resistant to the pressure of a human hand—or foot, or elbow or head… Over time, the stress and pressure of pushing clay around can do damage to our joints and tissue. But this is why we have clay tools. They make our studio lives easier, they make our work better (if we use them right) and they maximize the physical effort of our bodies. In today’s feature, Don Adamaitis demonstrates how to make a tool that can protect us from injury and make our working process more enjoyable. And it’s easy!