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Wall Pieces Cover

Wall Pieces

Posted On August 29, 2010 Comments Off on Wall Pieces

Over the last decade, the innovation and determination of ceramicists to push the boundaries of clay as well as people’s perceptions of the material has been both surprising and exciting. Wall Pieces offers inspiration for a material that’s extremely versatile, natural and beautiful. You’ll get an insight into how makers from all over the world are working with clay and the wall space in an exciting and dynamic manner. This book also provides some technical information and guidelines to help get you started in designing, creating and hanging your own wall piece.

Roses, by Valeria Nascimento, Royal porcelain fired to 1260 degrees celsius.

Wall Flowers: Valeria Nascimento’s Porcelain Wall Sculptures

Posted On July 14, 2010 27 Comments

Aside from being beautiful, Valéria Nascimento’s work is mounted on the wall in what I consider to be a pretty ingenious way. She uses galvanized flathead nails and glue (check with your supplier to determine the best glue to use) to afix her pieces to the wall. The nails are hidden due to the height and size of the porcelain pieces, giving the work a light, airy feel.