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Cover Photo of Deborah Schwartzkopf's new DVD Pieces and Patterns: Complex Forms from Handbuilt and Wheel Thrown Parts available at

Pieces and Patterns

Posted On January 29, 2013 Comments Off on Pieces and Patterns

In this DVD, Deborah Schwartzkopf presents functional vessels made using a variety of construction techniques. She offers many different examples of working with clay that will enrich your skills whether you’re a handbuilder or thrower. She describes and demonstrates the construction methods for making non-round, expressive shapes in clay by altering thrown forms and using patterned and molded slabs. By laying aside your preconceived notions of what a mug or bowl or any form usually looks like, you’ll be able to embrace the unknown and come up with new and compelling forms

Desserts are indulgent, sometimes even decadent. Deb’s pedestal-footed dessert boats make it even more delightful.

Just Desserts: Thrown and Altered Pottery as Delicious as the Treats Inside

Posted On January 23, 2012 0 Comments

You might recall a recent CAD video in which Deb Schwartzkopf demonstrated one of her sweet little dessert bowls. In today’s post, an excerpt from the January/February 2012 Pottery Making Illustrated, Deb expands on that demonstration to show some variations on that form. If you find a little time to experiment, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless with this technique.


Pottery Video of the Week: Making Interesting Cup Shapes by Combining Bisque Molded and Wheel-Thrown Parts

Posted On October 21, 2011 36 Comments

In today’s video, Deborah Schwartzkopf demonstrates how she makes the super cool bottoms of her cup forms with a slab and a bisque fired mold. She then skillfully attaches the base to a bottomless wheel-thrown cylinder, which she then darts and alters to make the shape just right. Voila! Not your typical cylindrical cup form.

Pitcher, wheelthrown and hand-built porcelain, multiple glazes, fired to cone 10 in oxidation.

For the Birds: How Deborah Schwartzkopf Uses the Pottery Wheel Combined with Slabs and Molds to Create Her Avian Inspired Forms

Posted On August 24, 2010 11 Comments

Deborah Schwartzkopf’s work has gone to the birds – for inspiration that is. Using bisqued molds based on her observations of birds, Deborah makes work inspired by pelicans and loons and everything in between. Follow her through the process of creating molds and using them as forms for her assembled pots.