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Totally Tubular! A Video Introduction to Using a Clay Extruder

Posted On September 17, 2010 13 Comments

In today’s video, and excerpt from his three-disc DVD set Extrude It!, David Hendley gives a helpful introduction to extruders. He shares his expertise on making homemade dies, clearly explains the physics behind using two-part dies and demonstrates how to pull an extrusion using a two-part die.


Twisted! How to Make Funky Ceramic Lotion Dispensers With a Clay Extruder

Posted On July 12, 2010 17 Comments

We recently got a clay extruder at the studio where I work. With my newfound access to an extruder, I realized that one thing Ceramic Arts Daily was lacking was a free download about extruders. Up until today, that is, because the Clay Extruder Users Guide: Tips, Techniques, and Projects for Getting the Most Out of Your Ceramic Extruder is now available for download! To give you a sneak peek at what’s inside, I am presenting this excerpt on making extruded and altered lotion dispensers from David Hendley.


Rope-top Bucket

Posted On March 12, 2009 0 Comments

Pots with twisted coil rims and handles have been made since ancient times. Lots of beginning pottery students try making pots with twisted coils, but because of cracking during drying and/or firing, they have a high failure rate. Extruding the coils puts an end to cracking problems, as well as speeding up the job considerably.