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How to Replace Electric Kiln Elements

Posted On September 12, 2012 3 Comments

This year, after many long years of waiting, I purchased my first brand spanking new electric kiln. I have had a nearly permanent grin on my face since then. While my kiln is beautiful and shiny now, I know the day will eventually come when I will have to replace the elements. I’ve always fired in other people’s kilns so I have never had to do any of this sort of kiln maintenance before. So I was excited to see the article in the latest Pottery Making Illustrated about replacing elements. Today, I am sharing an excerpt from that article. I am definitely going to keep this one handy for that inevitable day when my elements go kaput. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Red Hot Reds: All You Need to Know to Make Beautiful Red Glazes

Posted On June 18, 2012 14 Comments

In today’s post, David Gamble discusses a red hot topic for many a ceramic artist: how to achieve reliable red glazes. If you have ever tried to formulate a red glaze, you know how difficult it can be. And even if you buy commercial red glazes, you understand that they need a certain amount of attention and precision paid to them during application and firing.