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Wheel Throwing Video: Making an Ugly Mug

Posted On October 17, 2008 1 Comment

Have you ever set out to make something ugly on purpose? It can be pretty liberating. It’s a great way to remove restrictions and experiment—and you may just end up with something that is not, in fact, ugly. Dave Henry, of previous CAD video fame, provides a great way to get started with a simple mug project that you can easily tailor to your own studio, tools and imagination.

In addition to the video, we’ve put together a series of images depicting the process. They may lack the smooth, relaxing tones of Dave’s voice, but they are a nice snapshot for quick reference. Enjoy!—Sherman Hall, Ceramic Arts Daily


Clay Extruder Video: Make Your Own Hand-Held Clay Extruder

Posted On September 19, 2008 44 Comments

In today’s pottery video, David Henry returns with a follow up to his pitcher throwing video, which was shown a few weeks back. David takes us through the process of making your very own hand-held clay extruder in his usual down-to-earth manner. With a few readily available and inexpensive parts, you can be well on your way to making your own custom extruded handles for your pots.

Wheel Throwing Video: An Unconventional Method for Throwing a Pitcher on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On August 15, 2008 3 Comments

I thought this would be a fun video to share because of the somewhat unusual methods potter Dave Henry uses to throw his pitchers. I figure that it is always good to think outside the cylinder, so to speak, and see how others approach various ceramic processes, even if you are quite comfortable with your own methods.

A self-proclaimed pack rat, Dave likes to raid his junk box to make homemade ceramic tools. In this video, he uses his hand-made spout maker and a hand-made extruder gun, in addition to some store-bought pottery tools. In case you would like to make a spout maker of your own, we’ve also included Dave’s instructions. He plans to follow up with a video on making his homemade extruder gun, as well. So, look for that in the future. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.