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The line of jars stretched down the road to the pottery, and each customer was allowed in, one at a time, to select the jar they wanted

One Hundred Jars: A Potter Fulfills a Personal Challenge and has a Hugely Successful Sale to Boot

Posted On February 20, 2012 0 Comments

A while back some beautiful large jars by North Carolina potter Daniel Johnston graced the cover of Ceramics Monthly (see cover here). At the time, Daniel was in the midst of a personal challenge to make 100 large jars in his wood-burning kiln. The challenge resulted in some remarkable pots and a wildly successful sale. I realized that I had never shared the story of this interesting project in the CAD blog, so I thought I would today, along with a video from the sale.  Plus, you can check out Daniel’s methods for constructing and glazing these monster pots right here.


Glazing Wheel: A Resourceful Potter Makes the Ideal Tool for Glazing Large Pots

Posted On September 2, 2009 21 Comments

Preferring the look of poured or dipped ceramic glazes to brushed or sprayed, potter Daniel Johnston had to come up with a system of pouring his glazes that minimized waste and gave him the look he wanted. So he came up with the perfect tool – a glazing wheel. Today, Daniel shares how he made his glazing wheel and discusses his glazing technique. Plus, he tells us a little about the large-jar construction techniques he learned in Thailand.