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Multi-hued Murrinis: Working With Colored Clay to Create Vibrant Tactile Pots

Posted On November 25, 2013 31 Comments

Chris Campbell has been working with the colored clay for twenty years and, as she puts it, has not “come close to trying everything I want to do…there always seems to be another question, another idea. It’s just so much fun.” Today Chris joins us to help spread the fun with a simple colored clay project. Even though the project only starts with two different colors of clay, by mixing different proportions of the two colors, and arranging the results in different patterns in a loaf, surprisingly intricate patterns can be developed.


The Ombré Look: How to Create Smooth Color Blends with Colored Clay

Posted On June 17, 2013 4 Comments

The “Ombré” trend is pretty huge right now. Search the term on Pinterest and you’ll find everything from ombré cakes to ombré hair color. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to color graduated from light to dark. In today’s post, Chris Campbell explains an easy way to create smooth ombre-like color blends (or Skinner Blends) with colored clay. There’s no reason we clay artists can’t be up on all the trends and get the ombre look with colored clay. To see the rest of the article and learn how to make beautiful objects (see above image!) with your color-blended clay, download your free copy of our new Workshop Handbook: Clay Projects and Studio Resources.

Your Vote is Important

Posted On January 10, 2011 0 Comments
VOTE FOR 2011 BOARD MEMBERSThis month you will be asked to vote for the new Members of the Board of the Potters Council. Two positions are going to be vacant so we need two capable Members. Don Goodrich and Ann Testa will be leaving the board, and we want to thank them for their excellent… Read More »