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sink trap plan

How to Make a Better Homemade Sink Trap for Your Pottery Studio

Posted On August 15, 2012 15 Comments

Today, I wanted to send out a reminder for our DIY Clay Tools Video Contest, sponsored by Digital Ceramic Technologies. If you missed my first announcement of the contest, go here to learn more about it and the amazing prize our sponsor is providing! And what better way to inspire you to get to work on your videos than to share an article about a great homemade tool. In this post, potter Charan Sachar explains the cool design of his easy-to-make and super-effective sink trap. Have a look, and then get out your video camera and start filming for the DIY Clay Tools contest! 

Charan Sachar applies slip decoration to his handbuilt tumbler.

Handbuilding Video: Making a Tidy Slab-Built Tumbler with Slip Decoration

Posted On October 22, 2010 55 Comments

Today’s video comes to us from Ceramic Arts Daily reader Charan Sachar. I admire Charan’s ability to make handbuilt forms that are neat and tight. Not that all handbuilt forms have to be neat and tight – loose handbuilt forms are great too – but I definitely struggle with making my handbuilt forms appear well crafted and not sloppy (in my eyes). At any rate, this is an enjoyable video, and I definitely picked up a few tips to help improve my handbuilt pots. Hope you will too! 


Ceramics Decorating Video: Slip Cones – Easy-to-Make Pottery Tools for Precise Slip Trailing

Posted On January 9, 2009 19 Comments

In today’s video, ceramic artist Charan Sachar shows us how to make a foolproof and ergonomic slip trailer out of some inexpensive materials. Watch the video now! and then make some for yourself. We’ve also included some step-by-step written instruction on the process.