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Cathi Jefferson applies some brushed line decoration to a mug for salt glazing.

Ceramics Decorating Video: Beautiful Brushwork – Cathi Jefferson Shares her Decorative Techniques

Posted On April 30, 2010 31 Comments

In today’s video, Cathi Jefferson demonstrates the decorative brushwork techniques she uses on her salt glazed work, showing both the decorative process and the finished results after the firing. Even though Cathi fires in a salt kiln – something I (and probably most of you readers) don’t have access to – I was completely inspired to try some of these techniques with the glazes I use at cone 6 electric. You should too! (And send me photos of the results! I might just post some on the daily blog!)


Super Salt Glaze and Slip Recipes: An Excerpt From Our New Free Download The Salt Glaze Surface

Posted On January 18, 2010 24 Comments

Today, I am presenting a Will Ruggles and Douglass Rankin slip recipe and tips for salt firing, excerpted from our latest free download The Salt Glaze Surface: A Guide to Salt Glazing and Firing. In addition, potter Cathi Jefferson explains how she used these recipes combined with terra sigilatta and Andrew Wong’s Luster Glaze to make the beautiful checkered surface shown here.