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This wheel-thrown porcelain vase was carefully incised and fired to Cone 10 in reduction, by Ann Selberg.

Carving with Care: Tips for Incising and Glazing Pottery

Posted On April 9, 2008 2 Comments

I am a big fan of old buildings. I love the architectural details that are so often left out in more contemporary structures. Successfully incorporating architecturally inspired details into my clay work is something I have always wanted to do, but still have not quite worked out as well as I’d like. Portland, Oregon, ceramic artist Ann Selberg, however, does this extremely well. Her work is inspired by the architectural terra cotta and metal ornamentation on the buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, which she passed on daily walks while living in Chicago a few years back. Today, Ann shares her techniques for creating her precisely carved, beautifully glazed, architecturally inspired pots.