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Plywood Press Molds: A Great Technique for Enlivening Your Pottery Forms

Posted On April 20, 2011 40 Comments

Potter Ann Ruel says that, although it was the mesmerizing spin of the potter’s wheel that originally drew her in to pottery, she soon felt she needed to break those circular boundaries. Today, we present a technique Ann uses for making interestingly shaped press molds out of plywood. These slump and hump molds can create endless new possibilities for new forms for your pottery.


Adding Dimension to Stenciled Imagery on Pottery

Posted On November 2, 2009 15 Comments

Stenciling is a great decorative technique for pottery. In the latest issue of Pottery Making Illustrated, Ann Ruel shares her ideas for getting a stenciled look with more dimension. I thought her ideas were pretty nifty so I have excerpted from the article in today’s post.