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Studio Practices Cover

Studio Practices, Techniques and Tips

Posted On July 7, 2007 Comments Off on Studio Practices, Techniques and Tips

A collection of timeless articles from the Ceramics Monthly archives published from the 1980s to the early 2000s. Potters share their knowledge on a full range of topics including designing a studio, making and using tools and equipment, photographing work, marketing and sales, kilns and firing. Woven through the fabric of this book are also the stories of problem solving, insightful solutions, and the individual stories of challenges and successes. This is a must-have book for any potter or clay artist setting a course for pursuing clay.


Creative Ideas for Clay Artists

Posted On July 5, 2007 Comments Off on Creative Ideas for Clay Artists

This Ceramics Monthly Handbook is edited by Anderson Turner and features a collection of articles about creative artists, and ideas to challenge you and inspire your work. Pottery, sculpture and finishing techniques are covered. This is a must-read for anyone involved in clay. Whether looking for new designs, new inspiration or renewed creativity, you will find it here through these talented featured artists and their unique approaches to clay.


Glazes: Materials, Recipes and Techniques

Posted On February 4, 2007 0 Comments

A collection of articles published in Ceramics Monthly dealing with glazes. Written by and about artists and experts, these articles cover a wide range of materials, recipes, and techniques used in the glazing of work by both studio potters and ceramic artists. This book is a great example of how the modern potter uses a combination of trial-and-error discoveries along with information from scientists and engineers in the field to achieve unique effects that are the signature of the current ceramics art movement.