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Sketch & Stretch: Creating Playful Pottery with Illustrated Surfaces with Chandra DeBuse

On September 10, 2015 Read Comments (0)


In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Video Series, Chandra DeBuse shares her techniques for constructing and decorating playful pottery. Using molds and templates made from bisqued clay, wood, and craft foam, Chandra demonstrates three unique forms based on sketched shapes: a scoop, nesting dishes, and a thrown and altered yunomi. Chandra shows how to take advantage of the clay’s malleability, contrasting pillowy volume with the beautiful lines created by the molds and templates. She also shares her surfacing and glazing techniques for creating colorful, illustrated pieces, demonstrating inlaid lines with underglaze, as well as sgraffito and brushwork. Plus, she shows how you can combine all three using wax resist. By the conclusion, you will have picked up skills and ideas for creating personal pottery forms with colorful, layered surfaces.

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Throwing Techniques Handbook

On August 19, 2015 Read Comments (0)

Throwing Techniques is a collection of more than thirty carefully selected projects from more than two dozen talented ceramic artists. Get your creativity flowing as you discover the secrets to making a variety of lidded, closed, and spouted forms; constructing large pieces; altering thrown shapes; and much more. Through the use of hundreds of step-by-step how-to images, master potters share their expertise so you can expand your skills and get the most out of throwing.


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Combo Cover Allen Throwing

Wheel Throwing Collection with Jennifer Allen

On August 13, 2015 Read Comments (0)

The Best Collection of Throwing Tips, Tricks, and Techniques!

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate potter, Jennifer Allen’s Wheel Throwing Collection is right for you! Jennifer covers everything from how to wedge to how to make complex forms in these two series. 

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Intermediate Throwing Cover 300

Intermediate Wheel Throwing with Jennifer Allen

On August 13, 2015 Read Comments (0)
  In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Jennifer Allen draws on her years of teaching ceramics at the college level to present intermediate-level instruction on throwing on the potters wheel. A follow up to Jennifer’s previous title, Fundamentals of Wheel Throwing, this video is intended for those who have achieved… Read More »
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